On-site repair of any kind is a great value to our customers. At American Factory Wheel (AFW) and our affiliate, we provide our customers with a hassle-free choice and satisfactory results regarding the price.

Our experienced team members offer fast and appropriate rim repair services including straightening, refinishing, welding and curb damage, lease returns and wheel clean ups.

AFW repairs thousands of wheels per month. Not just OEM rims, we also repair aftermarket wheels. We are the best rim repair and factory wheel/stock wheels warehouse in San Diego.

We can repair your rim and make it as good as new without having to purchase a brand new wheel. AFW strives to produce the best results possible. If your factory stock wheel cannot be repaired, we have replacement stock wheels available on site.


The average rim repair will take about one to three hours. 





Scrape your rims on the curb? No problem!

We can restore scratched, gouged, and curb rash damaged wheels. 


Before                           After 


AFW uses state of the art tig welding techniques to ensure the wheel can maintain its structural integrity while returning to its near original condition.

Our rim repair services are 2nd to none!


Before                                           After 



Whether by a curb or a minor fender bender, rims are bent everyday. AFW is dedicated to providing 100% guaranteed rim repair service for all rims that require straightening.

We also straighten steel rims if necessary, but most steel wheels are less expensive to replace then to straighten.


Before                                       After 


Here at AFW we apply OEM quality refinishing to rims that have curb damage, bends, cracks, chips, scrapes, scuffs, or pothole damage.

AFW's goal is to provide the best refinishing service at the lowest cost possible.


Before                                           After 


Ready for something new? Want to make your wheels shine again?

AFW is proud to offer chroming and re-chroming services to our valued customers. 



Are your tired of your stock rims? Want to try something new? AFW offers a variety of colors to change the appearance of your wheels.

Your vehicle will look brand new!